Piper Bob Bagpipes, Salt Lake City Utah and Wasatch Front
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What About Bob!

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Piper Bob Bagpipes, Salt Lake City Utah

utah bagpiper piper bob Salt Lake City Utah

Who is Piper Bob?  

Oh just your average all American hero born from humble pioneer stock.  Piper Bob Bagpipes, Salt Lake City , Utah, what do all these things have in common?  Just one thing, passion.  Passion for a rich celtic history born of blood and conflict.  When Bob’s pipes strike in it’s almost as if the very hills of scotland resound.  Close your eyes and you can imagine the triumphal return of the battling clans from the smoke strewn fields of war.  Okay, all that might be a bit thick, but one thing is for sure, Bob knows the pipes and can bring them alive for your next event.

Piper Bob’s Celtic Roots

Bob’s passion for the celtic culture is handed down from generations of music and culture.  Robert Meiklejohn (pictured here) was just such hearty pioneer stock.  Born in Glasgow, Scotland in the year 1814, Robert grew up in a large family.  The oldest of the family, he was called upon to take the reins when his father, Peter Meiklejohn passed away from Pneumonia.

It took years for Bob to gain a fluency in the bagpipes.  It is said that to truly master the pipes one must spend 7 years listening, 7 years learning, and 7 years playing them.  This might explain why bagpipers begin at such an early age.  Bob has been playing for over eleven years and has won several piping competitions as well as competing in the World’s Piping Competition held on Glasgow Green in Scotland.  If you want authentic old world pipes for your next gala or event then Piper Bob is the piper for you.

bagpiper salt lake city utah

If you would like Piper Bob to attend your special event, just complete the wee form below and he’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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